First Day — New School

The start of the year was a bit different. I’m at a new school you see. The annual bollocking for kids who didn’t work hard enough wasn’t directed at me. Happy days. The start of term staff training was vaguely interesting in that it was delivered by faces new to me and, pleasingly, had an element of education that I hadn’t experienced before. Trauma informed schools. It’s simultaneously exciting that schools factor this level of detail into understanding pupils and sad that they have to.

The hour of time that we were allocated to ourselves was spent wandering the site, getting to grips with the layout. I registered that a lot of surfaces had sticky black stuff on them. Anti climb paint it transpires. Looks like there are many escape artists in training at this place — could be an exciting year ahead.



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A Damned Good Teacher

A teacher with the patience of a saint, a good sense of humour, oodles of forgiveness and a healthy dose of common sense.