Worth a try!

  1. Write on the windows — liquid chalk pens give the things you need to write some novelty value. Try getting pupils to create revision notes on a window.
  2. Mugs. Get plain mugs and set a task where the outcome has to be presented on a mug in sharpie permanent markers. Have a look online — you’ll find instructions of what temperature to bake the mugs at to set the ink in the glaze. Pupils can use them at home to drink from or as a pen pot etc. Really effective for revision.
  3. Premiere League Challenge — I differentiate tasks as division 1, 2 & 3. I have an envelope which is left somewhere easily accessible which pupils can choose to try if they want to really stretch themselves. They love it!
  4. Raffle ticket questions — I mentioned this one before but it’s worth repeating. Zero preparation for maximum engagement. What’s not to love about that? Direct questions to pupils (directed so that the questions are targeted and differentiated) if they get it right they get a raffle ticket to add to the tub. If they get it wrong, the first person to stand up can answer. I haven’t met a class who don’t love this simple activity.



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A Damned Good Teacher

A Damned Good Teacher


A teacher with the patience of a saint, a good sense of humour, oodles of forgiveness and a healthy dose of common sense.